Lightweight Luggage Reviews


Hi – I’m Alex Austin – owner and founder of Luggage Leader. Welcome to my luggage reviews blog!

I don’t know about you, but for me, I like to be super organized when I travel. To accomplish this, I usually have one piece of carry-on luggage and one good size suitcase. You would think that most of the various styles of luggage would be adequately designed so as to make the choice an easy one – that they’d all be much the same? How wrong you would be. Unfortunately, most suitcases and carry-on bags are designed to be “eye candy” in smart department stores. How they perform their intended task seems, almost, to be an irrelevancy. Your choice of luggage is a minefield of issues of design faults, poor quality materials and weight impracticalities.

The weight of luggage is critical. I will, initially, be seeking out luggage with the best combination of weight, sturdiness and mobility through my lightweight luggage reviews. Luggage weight is an issue for all of us as the airlines provide us with more and more luggage weight restrictions. I certainly don’t enjoy lugging unnecessarily heavy bags around with me on holiday either, so no matter what age you are, lightweight luggage is definitely a more attractive option. I can’t think of a single traveler that doesn’t want to carry less luggage on holiday.

Over the years I have done an awful lot of travelling – both within and outside the country. I have tried and tested so many different types of luggage and suitcases with varying degrees of satisfaction. My partner is a long haul flight attendant of 30 years experience – there is nothing he doesn’t know about the practicalities of international air travel. If I haven’t got the answers – he sure as heck will. You can have complete confidence that what you read here has been robustly vetted by him first – heavens – my life wouldn’t be worth living if I got it wrong!

You only have to do a quick Google search for “lightweight luggage reviews” to discover how confused and disappointed people are, or have been, with their luggage purchases over the years. I intend to provide my readers with robust comparisons of the most popular lightweight luggage – both suitcases and carry-on bags over the coming weeks and months. Comparison tables allow you to compare feature with feature. My lightweight luggage reviews will be ultra-detailed and provide you with the confidence to make the right decision for your needs.

All my reviews will focus on the design of the luggage, mobility, weight, warranties, customer service and support where needed and include my personal choice within the conclusion. Buying and using luggage will no longer be a complicated mystery after reading my luggage reviews. Allow me to guide your buying process and, in so doing, save you valuable time and money – both of which can be more satisfyingly spent on your holiday or business trip.