About Us

Welcome – my name is Alex Austin – founder of Luggageleader.com.

So why did I decide to create this site you might ask? It’s simple really – I have done a lot of national/international traveling over the years – and more times than not I have ended up taking luggage on those journeys that really wasn’t strong enough to withstand the thrashing they can get by airport loaders, light enough to lift easily, swivel around unexpectedly or big enough to carry all those “little essentials” that a girl just can’t resist when she’s meandering around an exotic Morrocan souk in the heart of Marrakesh.

Suitcases vary considerably – both in design, quality and purpose. Prices also vary enormously – so allow me to take you on my own “journey” of luggage discoveries – and in the process – save you a lot of time and a lot of money. Together we will find you the best luggage for your needs and have some fun along the way too I’m hoping.

Feel free to leave comments and tell my all about your own adventures and what luggage worked best for you along the way – I’m particularly interested in lightweight luggage reviews – they will be my initial focus here at luggageleader.com but over time we will take a closer look at other types of luggage reviews based on your feedback.

So you guys – grab those tickets, book the taxi, and let’s hit the road – we’ve got some serious traveling to do and with the kind of bags that best suit your needs this time – huh?

Looking forward to “meeting” all my readers on this site,

A heartfelt welcome to you all,